Security is paramount, and businesses and property owners are turning to advanced solutions to safeguard their assets. One worthwhile investment is the installation of security doors, offering a robust physical barrier against unauthorised access. In this blog post we’ll explore the compelling benefits of investing in security doors from us at IDE.

Security doors are not just doors; they are fortified barriers strategically designed to deter and delay intruders. With varying security ratings, the SD2, SD3, and SD4 Security Doors provide tailored protection to different risk levels. These doors can work in tandem with other defences to ensure maximum protection.

Understanding security ratings is crucial in choosing the right level of protection for your business. The SD2 Security Door, with a security rating of 2, is ideal for low to medium-risk properties. On the other hand, the SD3 Security Door, boasting a security rating of 3, is designed for medium-risk settings, while the SD4 Security and Blast Door, with a security rating of 4, provides enhanced resistance against experienced attempts at forced entry and even explosive blasts.

The construction of these security doors reflects precise engineering, ensuring both durability and functionality. The SD2 door, for instance, features a 55mm robust door leaf, crafted from corrosion resistant materials, offering a blend of security and aesthetics. The SD3 and SD4 doors, with a similar thickness, go further with features like integral steel stiffeners, flush anti-jemmy astragals, and Class 13 stainless steel dog bolt hinges. These doors are designed to withstand determined intruders.

One size does not fit all when it comes to security, and these doors recognise that. Customisation is key, with options for various threshold configurations, finishes, and door sizes. Whether you need a standard 15mm rebated threshold or a DDA-compliant 12.5mm 564A Aluminium threshold, these doors can be adapted to your specific requirements.

These security doors cater to a range of applications, from light commercial and perimeter security with the SD2 door to medium-risk residential or commercial properties with the SD3 door. The SD4 door, designed for heavy-duty and vulnerable properties, is capable of withstanding even experienced attempts at forced entry and explosive blasts. This versatility makes these security doors a go-to solution for businesses with diverse security needs.

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