Insulated Roller Shutters

An Insulated Roller Shutter can offer savings on heating costs as well as noise reduction for a range of Industrial and Commercial businesses such as Farm buildings; in particular Potato and Grain Stores, Factories, Industrial Units, Workshops and Garages. We are pleased to offer two types of insulated roller shutters.

Advantages of an Insulated Roller Shutter

Pays for Itself

With the cost of heating going up year on year, the ability to save on your heating costs is a major factor for all companies. Our Insulated Roller Shutters hold their own unique U-Values(independently tested) either through the Lath or as a whole curtain that meet building regulations. By reducing heat lost from the area, it costs less to keep it warm. With the average life of an Industrial Roller Shutter (depending on operation) being over 10 years you can start to see how it pays for itself.

Fast Acting

As well as our standard insulated roller shutter we also offer a fast acting high speed version as well. By using either a 3 phase (415v) fast acting safe drive or a fast acting inverter safe drive motor we are able to provide a quicker opening and closing time. With the already great heating cost savings, reducing the time that the door is open helps to increase the money you save by having one of our doors.

Fitted with induction loops, radar and radio controls and the relevant safety features, your new insulated roller shutter can be the key to savings over the life of the door.

High Level of Security

Our Insulated Roller Shutters offer the highest level of security to our customers. Featuring Twin Interlocking Cold Rolled Steel Lath which gives a increased depth of around 20mm compared to the 1mm for standard lath. This increased depth provides a more secure curtain that is tougher to cut through or force out of its guides.

Bespoke Design and Finish

Our Insulated Roller Shutters can be designed to suit your exact needs. Not only are we able to supply both single phase and three phase operation but your roller shutter can be finished in a wide choice of lath and colours.

  • Flat Boxed Lath with thermal infill (100mm)
  • Curved Foam Filled Lath (95mm)
  • Vision Laths with double glazed Perspex (95mm and 100mm)
  • Galvanised (100mm)
  • Laminated Coated in a range of colours (95mm)
  • Plastisol in a wide range of colours, different colours available front and back (100mm) or same colour both sides (95mm and 100mm)
Roller shutter door photo

Industrial Insulated Roller Shutters

Our foam filled roller shutters offer increased thermal insulation thanks to their 95mm thick, CFC-free polyurethane foam filled laths. These secure shutters comply with strict UK building standards and come in a variety of colours to match your desired aesthetics. The system incorporates an air-cushioned bottom rail, brush seals for tight closure, and galvanised steel guides for strength. Choose from a range of electric motors for easy operation and customise your shutters further with optional casings, facias, and even integrated windows.

Insulated roller shutter door photo

Foam Filler Roller Shutters

Our industrial roller shutters offer high levels of thermal insulation. With a curtain made from interlocking steel laths filled with insulation and sealed with brushes on the sides and bottom, and a heavy-duty barrel and side guides which can be customised for your needs. Electric motors are used for operation, with included control stations. We offer a wide range of finisges, including galvanized steel, powder coating or plastisol finishes. Optional extras include fascias, windows and various control options. 

insulated shutter photo

Accreditations & Qualifications

Our commitment is further reinforced by our memberships and accreditations:

  • Member of the Door and Hardware Federation
  • Member of the British Safety Council
  • SAFE Contractor Accredited
  • Constructionline Accredited
  • CHAS Accredited Contractor
  • ISOQAR Registered ISO 9001:2015
  • LPS 1197: Issue 3 (Inspection, repair and maintenance
    of fire and security doors and shutters)
  • LPS 1271: Issue 1 (Installation of fire security doors)
  • Altius CDM Vendor Accredited
  • Altius Assured Vendor Accredited

Likewise, all our Mobile Engineering Teams hold the following industry qualifications:

NVQ Level 2 Door Systems Engineers

UKATA Asbestos Awareness Certified

CSCS Safety Card and IPAF License

CE Marking

Since 2019, all new roller shutter doors in the UK must meet safety standards (BS EN 13241-1:2003) for opening mechanisms, wind resistance, and overall strength. We offer CE Marked industrial roller shutters in all configurations, ensuring compliance and quality for your business.

ISO Certification

We’re committed to environmental responsibility. Our ISO 14001 certification reflects this. We minimise our footprint throughout the process – from manufacturing to maintaining your roller doors. Choose us for high-quality, eco-friendly doors that give you peace of mind.

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy

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