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Tube Motor Roller Shutters

Tube motor roller shutters are one of Industrial Door Engineering’s most installed doors, thanks to the simplicity of the design to retrofit. Offering an easy line into Single Phase power supplies, tube motor roller shutters are ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial businesses including warehouses, storage facilities, retail fronts and factories.

Advantages of Tube Motor Roller Shutter

All of the tube motor roller shutters we manufacture and install come with direct drive systems including unsprung barrels which helps to minimise the number of moving parts present in a door. Reducing these working parts means less friction and less wear and tear over time, which can help contribute to longer lasting installations that need less maintenance and are less likely to malfunction going through their opening cycles.

Automation Ready

Our range of tube motor roller shutter doors can be linked to many automated opening and closing systems, such as induction loops and wireless remote controls, for streamlined opening and closing. By automating the doors, they can be opened and closed at a much faster rate, allowing businesses to speed up productivity and boost their security. Not to mention, the quicker a door moves, the less heat escapes from it which can contribute to less heat loss and better energy bills.

Go Bespoke

Industrial Door Engineering can supply tube motor roller shutters in a variety of bespoke finishes and materials so that they are styled to the exact needs of each individual customer. With a choice of lath and colours, businesses and industries can tailor their design to reflect the requirements of their organisation, by choosing from the following:

  • Solid Traditional Scroll Lath
  • Perforated Lath
  • Galvanised Steel Roller Shutter Doors
  • Plastisol in a wide range of colours
  • Powder Coated in all BS and RAL colours

To find out more about our range either download one of our booklets or book a free surveyor visit today.

ISO Certification

IDE is an ISO 14001 Certified Company, demonstrating that our organisation is committed to environmental issues and are proactively working to minimise our impact and reduce waste. Customers can rest assured that their tube motor roller shutter installations are manufactured, installed and maintained in the greenest possible way.


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