Sectional Doors

Sectional Doors are designed to offer an insulated solution to your bespoke door requirements that feature one of the lowest U-Values on the market today. With our suppliers in the industry we are able to offer a number of different sectional door designs, so book a FREE surveyors visit today to find out more.

We are please to offer the following styles of sectional doors

Advantages of a Sectional Door


Sectional Doors hold the ‘lowest’ U-Value on the market. Most door leafs use highly insulated polyurethane foam sections with an average section height of 675mm and an average thickness of 44mm. The door leaf is constructed with broken thermal bridges in the foam that ensures that outside temperatures will not be transported through the door leaf and into the building. The combination of highly insulated polyurethane foam and effective broken thermal bridges gives outstanding insulating values.

Tracking Systems

Due to the unique design of the sectional doors being an overhead unit rather than one that rolls up on itself you have a variety of options when it comes to where the tracking systems are placed. These range from low headroom horizontal all the way to vertical lifting track system which gives a bespoke option to any building design.

Panel Options

Sectional Doors offer the ability to mix and match the panels to create a unique design to any door solution, with the options (depending on door type) of fully glazed panels, panels with vision inserts and solid panels in a huge selection of RAL and BS colours. In recent years having the inside panels left unpainted has created a visually appealing look to the doors with its Aluminium door leaf on display.

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