SD2 Security Doors

Our SD2 Security Doors are meticulously engineered to provide robust protection for properties with a low to medium risk of forced entry attempts by determined opportunists employing various hand tools. These doors are especially well-suited for use as apartment doors in residential and social housing settings, offering a harmonious blend of security and aesthetics.

Door Leaf and Door Frame

Our SD2 Security Door features a robust door leaf with a thickness of 55mm. The leaf is crafted from 1.5mm corrosion-resistant Zintec/Aluzinc sheets as standard, offering a range of colours and finishes to suit your preferences. Additionally, for ‘means of escape’ doors, an extra 1.2mm internal plate is included for enhanced safety. The door leaf is filled with mineral wool and reinforced with integral steel stiffeners, ensuring both insulation and structural integrity. Its construction involves two 1.5mm sheets lockformed together, resulting in a total steel armour thickness of 3 – 4mm. To deter any attempts at forced entry, the blade is fitted with an anti-jemmy astragal.

Threshold Options and Finishes

Our SD2 Security Door offers various threshold options to meet your specific requirements. The standard 15mm rebated threshold is ideal for most applications. For accessibility compliance, we provide optional 5mm driveable and 12.5mm 564A Aluminium thresholds. In terms of finishes, we offer a standard Polyester Powder coating from our Colour Range, ensuring a visually appealing and durable surface. If you have unique colour preferences, our optional Polyester Powder Coating from a non-standard colour range is available. For those who prefer site finishing, we also offer an unfinished option, allowing you to tailor the finish to your specific needs.

Security and Aesthetics

Our SD2 Security Doors are meticulously designed to safeguard low to medium-risk properties against determined opportunist attempts at forced entry using an array of hand tools. Specifically tailored for residential and social housing, these doors seamlessly combine security and aesthetics. For non-fire escape variants, a stringent security protocol mandates the installation of a minimum of two high-security locks, namely the Securefast C EN grade 7 security Sashlock and Securefast C EN grade 7 security Deadlock. Each door comes equipped with high-security cylinders, rendering key duplication arduous while ensuring robust anti-drill protection.


Our SD2 doors are ideal for light commercial and perimeter security, providing protection from determined attacks with some preparation and a variety of tools. Please note that these recommendations assume the doors are used in conjunction with comparable levels of security at windows, etc. The SD2 door can also offer up to 240 minutes of fire rating with appropriate ironmongery.

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