Industrial Door Engineering provide roller shutters across the UK and have a wealth of accommodating services that ensure that they are always working in harmony with the business premises. Whether a company is in need of a uniquely designed door to meet exacting requirements and allow them to improve their output, or an existing door needs upgrading, repairing or maintaining, our team are on hand to give roller shutters in the UK improvements.


If a new door is required to replace an old and failing roller shutter in the UK, or perhaps a company wants to make use of the many benefits they bring for the first time, our engineers have a faultless design service. Starting with a site survey, our team meticulously assess the needs of the business, take measurements and make recommendations specific to the industry, location and workforce. By using information about the company to inform our design process, we can assure quality, performance and reliability are at the center of the door system.

Door Creation

After we have settled on a design, a budget and a timeframe in which to complete the doors, our manufacturers head back to HQ to start crafting the vision in metal. Using precision engineering equipment and high-quality machinery, our team manufacture the doors ourselves, meaning we can oversee quality control at every stage in the process. This includes installation when our team fit the doors themselves wherever roller shutters are required in the UK.

Ongoing Support

IDE’s support doesn’t stop after the installation, we can provide maintenance contracts and regular servicing to the doors helping companies to be compliant with health and safety legislation and ensuring the smooth continuation of the business. Additionally, we offer repairs across the UK and fast thanks to our teams located in North Wales, Liverpool, Manchester, Cheshire and beyond.