In retail and commercial sectors, aluminium is often seen as the new steel. As these businesses look to bring their shutters into the 21st century, the appeal of the lightweight, affordable, and secure aluminium roller shutter is hard to resist. We ensure that our aluminium shutters can meet their demands by offering a range of flat faced curtains, vision rows, and more in stylish designs.

We offer:

  • 3EA Clearview (Max Width 3500mm, Max Height 3500mm)
  • 4EA Panorama (Max Width 8000mm, Max Height 4000mm)

Why Aluminium Roller Shutters?


These roller shutters look great and weigh less but that doesn’t affect the security of the overall design. We ensure that every door we manufacture and install is optimally secure to protect your business while you and your staff are away.


Offering the latest design in the commercial sector – retail shutters with an extruded lath that offers a unique flat-front to the shutter. This is both a stylish appearance and an opportunity to brand the door with your unique marketing. We are also able to offer punched extruded lath for increased light and vision for your site.


We not only offer a wide range of lath and colours, but we can also mix the types of lath throughout your curtain. We manufacture these roller shutters from mill-finished aluminium and then powder coat in a choice of all BS and RAL colours. Then choose punched lath with or without transparent acrylic infills.

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