One thing for certain is that businesses require doors and in the industrial, commercial, warehousing and stock production sectors many of these require industrial door solutions. Ranging in sizes and scales depending on the unique requirements of each company, IDE has provided many of these installations over the last 40 years and now offer a versatile range of doors as standard to new and existing customers. With electrical and non-electrical options available our team are widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of industrial doors.


Fire Rated

One of our industrial door solutions comes in the form of our fire rated doors which are available in one hour, 2 hour and 4-hour ratings. These are paramount for any business where there is a fire risk such as kitchens, school and work café’s, restaurants and factories that work with chemicals and other combustibles. We offer these doors on single or three-phase power systems and they come in a wide range of colours for an aesthetic that matches the rest of the business.



Many think of industrial door solutions as heavy metal roller doors and although we do provide these to companies with lots of opening cycles to go through or with high traffic entry points, we can also provide a lighter alternative in the form of our aluminium doors. Lighter in weight but no less secure, these are modern in design and are often used on shop frontages and can be clearview or panoramic style.


Steel Hinged

Offering extra security inside and outside of business premises, our steel hinged doors are ideal for locations where there are assets that need protecting. Often used to protect property, people and areas where there are dangers, these industrial door solutions come with security ratings 2,3 or 4 with some options being able to withstand explosions.