Hand Chain Roller Shutters

Our Hand Chain Manual Roller Shutters are designed for a range of applications, featuring a hand chain pulley system that can be installed on shutters up to 30m². Weighing approximately 35kg per m², the shutter curtain is constructed from cold rolled galvanised concave steel laths (76mm), with each lath retained by either a nylon, pressed steel or malleable iron end lock. Protection against high winds is aided by cast iron wind locks, providing each hand chain roller shutter with a wind class rating up to Class 5.


The shutters are operated by a continuous galvanised steel hauling chain, connected to either a reduction chain or gear reduction system. Counter-balance springs enable the shutter to close safely, which are which are encased inside a tailor-made roller barrel. In the event of the counter-balance springs breaking within the barrel, a specialised safety brake will prevent the door ‘dropping’ from its original position.

Secure Locking

To ensure security when the door is not in use, a pressed steel locking box is fitted to the side guide, which is designed to accept the security padlock of each client. Additional locking solutions are also available, at additional cost. A rigid inverted T section steel bottom rail provides secure closing, with the option to select bespoke tapered bottom rails for sloping floors.

Bespoke Finish

Each of our Hand Chain Roller shutters can be designed to suit specific requirements. A wide choice of lath and colours are available, including perforated laths and solid scroll lath. Powder Coated and Plastisol finishes are available at an additional cost, in addition to coil casing (hoods) and fascia coil casings. Side guides, support angles and door curtains are all galvanised as standard.

IDE are an ISO14001 Certified Company, demonstrating that our organisation is committed to environmental issues and are proactively working to minimise our impact and reduce waste. Customers can rest assured that their roller shutter installations are manufactured, installed and maintained in the greenest possible way.