Before you started your business or became a manager, you probably paid no attention to the types of doors you come into contact with in your everyday life. Doors seem like a standard object with the same purpose, but the skill of modern manufacturers mean different door designs can provide you with a higher level of entrance/exit solutions. If you’re looking for commercial doors in Cheshire for your business, steel hinged personnel doors provide you with the functions you expect while being packaged to impress.

Green Credentials

As an ISO 14001 Certified Company, our personnel doors can help you to bolster your brand reputation in our modern climate by showcasing your commitment to protecting it via the use of eco-friendly practices. Not only are you acting in green ways daily, but even your door installations are environmentally friendly as our commercial doors – in Cheshire and elsewhere, have been manufactured, installed, and maintained in eco-friendly ways.

Respecting Authority

Personnel doors are a great way of separating areas of a building so that only authorised personnel enter the room, such as the head office or equipment rooms where you need training to handle cleaning tools. Due to the sturdy materials of the doors and their placement, you can invite people inside by leaving the door open or you can leave the door closed to create a private atmosphere.

Safety & Professionalism

External personnel doors are a necessity because your building will reflect a greater level of professionalism if you have one door installation for the movement of personnel and another for the movement of goods and other deliveries. It also shows you care about the personal safety of your staff.

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For Emergency Repair

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