Industrial Door Engineering has spent 40 years designing, installing and maintaining tube motor roller shutters and they remain one of the bestselling products in our stocks. These electrically operated doors are great for businesses and commercial buildings alike and we’ve installed many at factories, industrial sites and commercial shops all over the country. One of the key reasons companies choose this sort of door is because of their running capabilities on single-phase power systems which makes them widely accessible.

Automation Ready

All of the tube motor roller shutters we supply are able to be linked to automated opening and closing systems including PIR sensors and wireless remote controls, making them futuristic and modern in design. By hooking them up to these systems, businesses can enjoy faster opening and closing times which helps the flow of people moving through the doorway, flow more smoothly and can increase productivity. Instead of time wasted waiting for doors to be opened, employees can be straight into the workplace meaning less wasted workday time.

The Benefits

There are lots of benefits to installing tube motor roller shutters at a business site. Firstly, they are long-lasting and can withstand wear and tear thanks to the unsprung barrels that form them, reducing the number of moving parts in the doors compared to other styles. By prolonging the lifespan of the door in this way, businesses have the advantage of a cost-effective installation that will require fewer repairs and callouts, making a good investment. Secondly, all of our tube motor roller shutters can be designed in line with the businesses style and needs, using a range of lath and colours. Opt for traditional scroll lath, perforated lath or galvanized steel.

For more information about our tube motor roller shutters, call our team on 0808 238 9800.