If you’re uncertain if your roller shutter door could be working harder for you, we’ve listed some things to watch out for below.

Drafts and Temperature Changes

One of the biggest signs that your roller shutter door is failing you is if you can feel a draft from the inside or if the temperature by the door is often noticeably different from the rest of the space. This means that your door could stand to be much better insulated. This not only makes the environment more comfortable, but it stops heat from escaping through the door and driving up your heating bills as you continually try to warm the room.

Slow or Malfunctioning

As the mechanisms that open and close roller shutter doors age, they can start to slow down or malfunction. A malfunctioning shutter can be dangerous because, particularly on a very old door, the mechanism might give out altogether and the door crumples. At Industrial Door Engineering we use up to date, enduring technology and always have a back up to ensure that if it fails, the door won’t become a danger.

Wear and Tear

General wear and tear like dents, chipping paint leading to rust, and other factors can not only start to cause technical problems but can also make the front of your business look unprofessional. We use powder coating and other enduring finishes, as well as high-quality steel and aluminium, to ensure these doors last 10+ years.

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