We’ve been supplying tube motor roller shutter doors for over 40 years and even today, these electrically operated installations are one of our best-selling products, for good reason. Favoured by businesses and commercial premises like factories, industrial units and commercial outlets. Our tube motor roller shutters are single phase (240V) making them widely available to an assortment of businesses.



The advantages of tube motor roller shutters are numerous and as standard, they are operated with unsprung barrels which reduced the number of working parts within these doors. This helps to cut down on the wear and tear that naturally occurs over time with the regular opening and closing of the doors, meaning they can last longer than those that have more moving parts. By prolonging the lifetime of the door, we can provide a more cost-effective investment to our customers, by reducing the number of and frequency of repairs that are required.


Automated Systems

All of our tube motor roller shutter doors have the capacity to be linked to automated opening and closing systems such as PIR sensors and wireless remote controls. This can help with the processing of faster opening and closing of doors which is not only more efficient for day to day business but can improve security and reduce heating bills. By minimising opening and closing times, businesses can reduce time stood waiting around making workforces more productive and reduce the heat loss from the building compared to slower doors.


Go Bespoke

Our tube motor roller shutter doors can be designed to suit your exact needs. Not only can our team supply the door and the electrical operating system but we can supply the door in a wide choice of lath and colours. These include solid traditional scroll lath, perforated lath and galvanized steel.