High Speed Doors aren’t just about speed, they bring a range of benefits that cater to diverse industry needs. From maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness in sensitive environments like food and chemical sectors to battling the worst winds with their Wind Class 5 Rating, high-speed doors prove to be the solution for a range of industries. In this blog we’ll delve further into just few of the reasons why High Speed Doors from IDE could be the perfect addition to your business.

High Speed Doors live up to their name by offering an opening and closing cycle that is far faster than traditional doors. The longer a door remains open the more heat escapes. Fast Acting Insulated Doors not only provide the standard advantages of insulation but also contribute to significant savings in heating costs which can help to reduce energy expenses.

In environments such as food and chemical sectors, maintaining hygiene is vital. High Speed Doors help to minimise the infiltration of foreign particles. These doors’ swift movement significantly limits the chances of contaminants entering sensitive areas. Another relevant and noteworthy feature is that many rapid roll high speed doors can be easily cleaned, making them the ideal choice for clean room requirements.

Among the array of high speed door options, the Stacking version stands out with its remarkable Wind Class 5 Rating, a testament to its resilience against even the fiercest winds. This door’s internal bars grant it the capability to withstand wind speeds of up to 150km/h. This engineering feat ensures that Stacking High Speed Doors can find their place in various environments without compromising performance.

At IDE, we hold an ISO 14001 Certification, a testament to our dedication to environmental responsibility. This certification showcases our proactive stance in minimising our carbon footprint and waste generation. When you choose our roller shutter installations, you’re not just gaining efficient access solutions; you’re supporting eco-friendly practices from manufacturing to installation and maintenance.

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