In any environment, it is important to ensure roller shutter door servicing but in an industrial environment or in any place the roller shutters are opened and closed frequently throughout the day, it is even more imperative to have industrial door servicing. A door that has gone without servicing for an extended period is more prone to malfunction and can present a serious danger to your staff.

Why choose Industrial Door Engineering?

For the last 40 years, Industrial Door Engineering has been at the forefront of the industrial door services industry and serviced international ferry ports, independent garages, and other sites. Many local, national, and international brands, as well as numerous public authorities throughout England and Wales, rely on us for impeccable industrial door servicing, so you can rest assured that we will prioritise the safety of your staff.

What happens during a service and why?

During the door servicing, we ensure that the door is fit for operation and in a condition that will prolong its working life. This means, in the long term, having regular door servicing usually saves you money. This is because it is often more cost-effective to maintain a door than to entirely replace a broken one. We recommend that doors should be serviced at least once a year but may recommend more for some sites.

What happens if a door isn’t serviced?

On one occasion, we attended a door that had been without a service for many years. When an unsuspecting staff member operated the door one morning the whole curtain came out of its guides and collapsed. Luckily, no one was hurt but this is an example of how dangerous an ill-maintained door can be.

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