Fire roller shutter doors have an important role to play in commercial buildings, helping to maintain both safety and security. In 2018 alone over, 170,000 fire rescue cases were reported to the authorities which was a 3% increase from the previous year. Fire can be devastating for businesses causing a huge loss in assets, expensive repairs and of course valuable downtime. Commercial buildings must take preventative measures to arm themselves against fire risks.


How They Help

The fire roller shutter doors we supply in Cheshire can help to reduce the impact of a fire by acting as a barrier between areas. They can help to contain the fire to just one area of the building, slowing the spread and reducing the damage the flames cause, therefore reducing the overall cost of repairs and minimising losses. These installations can also provide an extra layer of business security by meeting the building regulations and risk assessments related to commercial buildings, helping to legally protect a company in the event of a fire and help with reducing insurance claims against damage and losses.


Fire Rating

When selecting fire roller shutter doors for Cheshire businesses, the fire rating should be adequate for the needs of the business. The rating refers to how long the installation can hold back flames for in minutes. IDE supply only the highest-rated and can provide 1,2 or 4 hour rated doors for anywhere that needs protection including kitchens, warehouses, factories and offices and can offer them on both single and three-phase power systems to suit.


Keep Them Maintained

Once a business has a fire roller shutter door installed in Cheshire, it needs to be adequately maintained in order for it to work effectively when the time comes. Necessary servicing and maintenance need to be carried out by an accredited team of professionasl, like the team at IDE.