Businesses may not think much about their service doors and the benefits they offer to businesses, but these essential installations offer much more than just entry and exit points. Industrial door companies like ours know that specialised doors create operational efficiencies, keep employees safe and reduce costs.

Increased Security

Many industrial door companies manufacture models that have built-in security functions and the quick open and close time of high-speed models cut the risk of employees entering non-authorized areas of the facility. Other security features include an absence of rubber gaskets between the slats of the door. While these parts help doors to roll up and bend more freely, criminals can easily slice through the rubber and tamper with the integrity of the door and so manufacturing a door without them makes for a much safer model.

Employee Safety

There are several reasons why businesses use high-speed doors to segregate areas of their facilities, whether because they use corrosive materials or sparks from welding. By having industrial door companies create shutters out of durable materials with strong seals and quick operation, businesses can ensure that hazards are contained, and other employees or visitors are safe from any dangerous materials or processes.

Reduced Costs

High-speed doors seal extremely well on all sides which helps to prevent airflow and loss of heat through the building. Although often large, the quick opening and closing of high-speed door installations limits the amount of air escaping, so companies need not worry about critical temperature interference. Some industrial door companies can manufacture wind-resistant models, offering the extra layer of protection from the elements that would otherwise affect the overall temperature of the facility. By minimising loss and retaining heat, businesses can rest assured that their running costs are not increased by these doors.

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