A sectional door is made up of horizontal sections. The door opens vertically on a track and these sections lay flat against the ceiling which, when compared with a traditional roller shutter door, saves an impressive amount of space.


A sectional door holds the ‘lowest’ U-Value on the market. Most sectional doors use highly insulated polyurethane foam sections in the door leaf, which is constructed with thermal bridges in the foam that ensures that outside temperatures will not penetrate the door and into the building.

Tracking Systems

The overhead unit rather than a roll-up style gives a variety of options when it comes to where the tracking systems can be placed. Ranging from low headroom horizontal all the way to vertical lifting track system, giving a great range of options to suit various building designs.

Panel Options

The multi-panel set up of the sectional door gives the ability to mix and match the panels to create unique styles and functions. Some of these panelling options are fully glazed panels, panels with vision inserts, or solid panels that can be coloured with any RAL or BS colour. Additionally, unpainted doors are becoming more popular as the industrial interior design trend catches on.

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