Designed to offer excellent insulation for factories, warehouses and commercial properties, sectional doors are an ideal choice for many businesses. Comprised of multiple sections, these practical industrial doors can be used in areas with minimal headroom, with the additional option of incorporating full or partial glazing. Whatever type of commercial or industrial property you own, there are a number of reasons to select our high-quality sectional doors from our extensive range at Industrial Door Engineering.

Practical Design

With a variety of bespoke options available, our sectional doors can be installed to span the full width and height of your space. Whether you have low horizontal headroom, or require a full vertical lifting track system, tracking systems can be added in a number of different places, to make your sectional doors practical to your needs.

Thermal Properties

If you’re searching for high levels of thermal insulation for your doors, sectional doors hold one of the lowest U-Values around. With a combination of highly insulated polyurethane foam, and effective broken thermal bridges, sectional doors provide outstanding insulation and can significantly reduce heat loss.

Bespoke Colours & Glazing

As sectional doors are comprised of multiple panels, they also offer the ability to incorporate vision inserts and fully glazed panels – ideal for properties requiring additional light. Additionally, our solid sectional door panels can be fabricated in a wide selection of RAL and BS colours, to suit your needs.

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