Roller shutter industrial doors are renowned for their convenience, design and simple usability which makes them staple installations for companies from various backgrounds. However, like all mechanical installations, they require regular maintenance in order to operate at their best and ensure that they are protected from external factors. Leaving roller shutters un-serviced or in a state of disrepair for long periods of time can result in breakdowns, malfunctions, danger to staff, or even a defunct door or costly repair. IDE are on hand to take care of roller shutter industrial doors on your behalf.


Superb Servicing

Servicing doors requires an expert level of knowledge about how the mechanisms work, what damage looks like and the ability to identify wear and tear that may not be immediately visible. Our roller shutter industrial doors servicing team are adept in all of these areas and more, having built up a skill set over the last 40 years. As our engineers also design and manufacture the doors, they are the best-equipped people to understand how to optimize them for performance through servicing. During a service, they examine the operation of the moving parts, relubricate seals and make motor adjustments to improve the opening and closing cycles.


Rapid Repairs

Whether repairs are part of planned maintenance after a service and involve small part replacements or unexpected and require urgent attention, IDE can attend to repairs quickly and efficiently. We offer 24/7 emergency roller shutter door repair across the UK by locating an engineer who is nearest to your location so that we can get the door operational as quickly as possible, reducing your downtime. If you are in need of repairs, call our team on 0808 238 9800.