Heavy-duty, steel hinges and robust materials are the cornerstone of a personnel door. Designed to convey an air of exclusivity in commercial environments with lots of foot traffic, the sheer presence of a personnel door is enough to convey the message that only employees or those with authority should be entering the room behind the door. Rather than erecting a direct sign that will intimidate people, the message is entirely subconscious. People assimilate the information because they’ve seen personnel doors before and understand what different signage means almost instinctively. This is crucial within a busy work environment, with multiple stimuli affecting people at the same time.

Different Types for Unspoken Communication

If you usually use one entrance for goods and deliveries but a new starter is on the team, they will need to quickly make a choice about which door they should use. A personnel door is then akin to a social language that allows people to make quick, subconscious decisions about whether they are going to go. Our skilful team at Industrial Door Engineering can provide your workplace with Internal, External and Fully Louvred personnel doors as appropriate.

A Range of Finishes

For both branding and communication purposes, the finish of your personnel door matters. That’s why we offer such a wide range of finishes: Primer Finished, Powder Coated, Wet Spray Finished, Patterned Finish and Woodgrain PVC laminates.

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