When it comes to safeguarding your premises, personnel, and property, investing in high-quality steel hinge doors is a wise choice. At Industrial Door Engineering (IDE) we offer a comprehensive range of steel hinge doors designed for various purposes, including security, personnel access, acoustic control, and fire protection. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why our steel hinge doors are a worthwhile investment for your business.

Security Doors: Security is paramount for businesses, and IDE’s steel hinged security doors are purpose built to deliver impressive protection. We offer a range of security doors with varying security ratings. The SD2 Security Door boasts a Security Rating of 2, providing a 15 minute resistance period to deter determined attacks. The SD3 Security Door, with a Security Rating of 3, offers a 20 minute resistance period, suitable for deliberate forced entry into well-protected properties. For the highest level of security, the SD4 Security and Blast Door, rated at Security Rating 4, provides a 30 minute resistance period and blast resistance, making it ideal to handle experienced attempts at forced entry.

Personnel Doors: Enhancing convenience and professionalism within your organisation is vital, and IDE’s personnel doors excel in this regard. We offer Internal Flush Steel Personnel Doors (FD) with various sizes and finishes suitable for high traffic areas. External Steel Personnel Doors (FDA) serve as entry level external security doors with flush formed protection astragals, customisable in size and finish. Our Fully Louvred Steel Personnel Doors offer ventilation for plant areas while providing robust protection against vandalism. These doors are notably stronger than traditional aluminium louvred doors and can be further customised with side panels and enclosures.

Acoustic Doors: IDE’s Acoustic Doors effectively reduce noise levels and are rigorously tested and certified for their noise reduction capabilities. The AC35 Acoustic Doors reduce noise by 35dB, the AC45 Acoustic Doors reduce noise by 45dB, and the AC50 Acoustic Doors provide an impressive 50dB noise reduction, meeting stringent standards. IDE constructs these acoustic doors using various infill materials and offers customisation in sizes and finishes to meet your specific noise reduction needs.

Fire Doors: Fire safety is a non negotiable aspect of business. IDE’s meticulously designed Fire Doors effectively contain and stop the spread of fire for designated durations. Options include the INNA-DOR 60, providing up to one hour of fire protection for both single and double doors, tested to meet BS 476 Parts 20 and 22, as well as BS EN 1634 standards. The INNA-DOR 120 extends protection to two hours, suitable for diverse wall constructions and compliant with essential fire safety standards. For maximum fire protection, the INNA-DOR 240 offers an impressive four hour safeguard for personnel and property, prioritising safety in the event of a fire.

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