If your business has roller shutter doors, fire doors, high-speed doors or security doors, their functioning is essential for keeping the company running. A door can easily be taken for granted until the day that it stops functioning in the way that it should, then you can be stuck with a real problem. It doesn’t have to get to this point though, you can take action before a total lockout, by watching out for these signs that you might need to carry out industrial roller door repairs.

Not Locking Properly

Any door needs to open and close as a basic functionality and so if an installation starts to display signs of unease in completing this basic functionality, then it’s important to get it looked at and carry out industrial roller door repairs if necessary. If the door struggles when rolling up, rolling down or doesn’t seal like it used to, then this can be a sign of something wrong in the mechanism, which if left could get worse and leave your staff and suppliers struggling to get in, or out or even worse, be an easy target for thieves.

The Door is Letting in Cold Air

A well-insulated door can reduce your energy costs and help keep staff and stock at a comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, older industrial doors can lose their efficiency over time and may not be able to withstand cold weather conditions. If you’ve started to notice unexplained changes in the temperature or a hike in energy consumption, then an industrial roller door repair might be necessary to help reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Loud Noises

With any installation as large as an industrial door, there are bound to be loud noises, but if these sound more grating, grinding or banging than they have done previously then this could indicate a fault somewhere in the system, calling for a repair.