Staffordshire’s industrial past is part of a rich history. At Industrial Door Engineering, we’ve been in business for over 40 years and part of our history is supplying some of the best bespoke roller shutter doors in Staffordshire.

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors Staffordshire

At Industrial Door Engineering we manufacture various types of roller shutter doors, from fire rated to insulated. Between current laws, your industry, and your company regulations, the door you require can vary widely. Therefore, we offer our bespoke manufacturing service.

Our fire roller shutter doors are available in various externally certified fire ratings from 1 up to 4 hours, to ensure your safety. See below:

  • Tube Motor 1, 2 and 4hr (Single Phase) Fire Roller Shutter
  • Tube Motor Sentry 1hr (Single Phase) Fire Roller Shutter
  • Face Fixed 1, 2 and 4hr (Three Phase) Fire Roller Shutter

Additionally, our insulated roller shutter doors pay for themselves. With the incredible savings on your heating bills over the predicted 10+ year lifespan of your door, you’ll make back your investment. We offer two main types of insulation in various styles and finishes:

  • Foam Filled Insulated Roller Shutter
  • 100mm Industrial Insulated Roller Shutter

Commercial Roller Shutter Doors Staffordshire

For retail, offices, and other commercial businesses, you may not need such a heavy-duty door. Aluminium has been compared to the new steel, aluminium roller shutter doors are lightweight but secure and can be manufactured in stylish designs.

  • 3EA Clearview (Max Width 3500mm, Max Height 3500mm)
  • 4EA Panorama (Max Width 8000mm, Max Height 4000mm)

We can also finish all our doors, industrial or commercial, with a powder coat in BS and RAL colours, amongst other options like transparent panelling or double-glazed sections to allow for a view through your door should you require it.

If you want to find out more about any of the above or are interested in what other roller shutter doors we offer in Staffordshire, then visit us on our website today!