Industrial Door Engineering has a team of expert engineers that understand the importance of properly servicing your doors regularly. This is absolutely essential to any business, as a malfunctioning door can break and pose a real danger to staff in its vicinity.

Industrial Door Servicing

The industrial sector tends to favour a steel roller shutter door that is generally in heavy use every day. Due to this, the likelihood that a part within the door’s mechanism could suffer wear and tear or break altogether is increased from a lesser-used door. Our industrial door service is designed to check all the mechanical parts of your door and treat, fix, or replace any dangerous or malfunctioning parts.

We’ve been at the forefront of the door servicing industry for over 40 years and so you can trust IDE to ensure the safety of your roller shutter doors. Currently, we have hundreds of industrial door servicing contracts with various large and small businesses across the UK.

Commercial Door Servicing

While a commercial or retail door may see less use, they’re also in high traffic areas. With many customers or clients coming and going, it is equally important to make sure that your roller shutter door is fit for operation.

Because of the risk involved, we ensure that our mobile door servicing teams are fully qualified, trained, and have gained great experience in many businesses and industries. We are also accredited by many external bodies for our fantastic quality and safety practices.

For these reasons, we offer a completely free and bespoke door servicing quote! Contact our dedicated Service Contracts Manager team at or ring 0808 238 9800 for your own tailored quote.

Or browse our website to learn more about our emergency door repair services and roller shutter manufacturing practices.