With their main function of providing enhanced protection, security doors are vital for many businesses. As a physical barrier that will deter and delay potential intruders for a specified time period, installing security doors to your most vulnerable areas is extremely important. Here at Industrial Door Engineering, we design and install our wide range of security doors for businesses from a number of industries – offering protection and peace of mind from various undesirable circumstances.

Types of Security Doors

Within our range, we offer three types of security doors, which are split into three different classes – the greater the security class, the better the protection offered for your business will be. Below, we’ve listed each of our security doors in more detail, with the features that define them:

  • SD2 Security Door: With a 15 minute resistance period, our security rating 2 doors can prevent determined attackers who possess multiple tools.
  • SD3 Security Door: Our security rating 3 doors protect against deliberate forced entry of property for a 20 minute period of resistance, where intruders have access to a wide range of different tools.
  • SD4 Security and Blast Door: For ultimate protection, our rating 4 security doors provide 30 Minutes of protection against experienced forced entry attempts. Not only do these doors offer advanced security protection, they are also further enhanced for blast and explosion resistance – having been fully tested to EXR2 and EXR3 of the BS EN 13124-2:2004 standard.

Relevant Certifications

All of our steel-hinged security doors have been thoroughly tested to Warrington Exova Certisecure STS 202 standard and are included in the ‘Secured by Design’ scheme, which is the official Police UK initiative to ‘design out crime’. On top of this, here at IDE we are committed to proactively working to reduce waste and minimise our environmental impact. As an ISO 14001 Certified Company, our customers can ensure that their new security doors are manufactured, installed and maintained in the greenest way possible, following all regulations.

Speak to IDE

If you would like further information about which security doors are right for your business, please get in touch with our team today to book a FREE surveyors visit. Call us on 0808 238 9800 to discuss your security requirements, or email sales@industrial-door-eng.co.uk.