Do you remember the days of the school canteen? Whether your memories are more turkey twizzler-inspired or Jamie Oliver-thwarted, you will recall the robust roller shutters separating hungry school kids from the canteen staff, food, and property. School canteen roller shutters have evolved over the years, like all industrial roller shutters, and our team offer fire rated roller shutters that make safeguarding even easier.

Keeping Staff & Children Safe

All our fire rated roller shutter doors come with a fire rating of your choosing. The fire rating options vary from 1-4 hours – quite literally stopping the spread of smoke, heat, or fire within the allotted time frame. A commercial premises is legally required to have this type of industrial door installed, and school grounds have strict safeguarding guidelines to follow. Any unforeseen accident should be prepared for and where there is a kitchen, there is a risk of fire.

Robust Security

Anti-social behaviour is not uncommon in schools. Luckily, the installation of our especially designed school canteen roller shutters deters both vandalism and possible intrusion. It is not possible to idly break through an industrial roller shutter due to the sheer strength of its material. Any attempted intruders from outside school grounds will be deterred by the sight of your secure roller shutters as they can be seen through the window and signal the presence of other security measures. Lots of valuable property is stored inside a school kitchen so having an expertly fitted roller shutter in place is imperative.

Choose from plastisol and powder coated finishes in a range of BS and RAL colours that are designed to match the aesthetic of your building. Whether you want the finish to be in the school’s colours or an especially chosen colour that produces the right psychological effect, the choice is yours.

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