Security is usually the main benefit of our roller shutter doors at commercial properties, but one lesser-mentioned perk is that they can help businesses to save energy. Although as a standalone installation they won’t hugely reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint when used as part of a wider energy-saving programme, they play a vital role.

Step Up Efficiency

Companies who are eager to reduce energy costs and step up efficiency can benefit from insulated roller shutters which are designed specifically to retain more heat than other types of door. Industrial door manufacturers create these doors with weather seals to prevent external conditions from affecting the inside temperature and they contain internal insulation to keep the heat inside, making them well suited to temperature-controlled units that are required to maintain a specific temperature.

Speed Up Safety

Insulated shutters are not the only option for businesses that want to reduce energy usage. Our industrial door manufacturers also create high-speed doors that are designed to open and close quickly to help cut heat loss and keep drafts to a minimum.

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