Roller shutters are available in a number of shapes, sizes, and models. Our insulated roller shutters are a fantastic option for organisations looking to save on heating costs and keep their workers comfortable. Insulated roller shutters from IDE are also particularly useful, for example, for farm buildings such as potato and grain stores. As such, our team is proud and pleased to offer two distinct types of roller shutters. These include the 95mm Foam Filled Insulated Roller Shutter and the 100mm Industrial Insulated Roller Shutter.

With the average life span of 10 years, it’ll be clear to see how much this initial investment saves you in the long run as you track the months and years. These specialist roller shutters also offer an increased level of noise reduction due to the nature of their design, offering an extra layer of benefits to the installation.

Our roller shutters offer the highest level of security available to those that choose to install them. Equipped with a twin interlocking cold rolled steel lath at a depth of 20mm (1mm is usual standard on roller shutters) your roller shutters will be harder to cut through or dislodge.

A choice of colours is available for you to choose from, ensuring IDE are able to do all they can to keep your insulated roller shutter ‘on-brand’ whilst you save.

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