Now that winter has arrived, insulated roller shutter doors are coming into their own, helping to better insulate companies, reduce heat loss and keep the workforce warm and productive. With colder temperatures and higher wind speeds to contend with, businesses who don’t already have insulated roller doors in Cheshire can benefit from having our engineers design and manufacture a bespoke system, but what are the main pros?



The rising costs of heating a business can be problematic in the cooler months and so finding ways to save on bills is a major factor for many companies. Our insulated roller shutters in Cheshire can help mitigate these increasing outgoings by keeping the heat in the building, minimising loss to the external areas and preventing cold from the outside moving into the premises. All of our installations have their unique U values independently tested through lath or as a whole curtain to ensure they meet building regulations.


They Are Speedy

Of course, any door installation needs to function as an entry and exit point too. With the opening and closing of any doorway, heat loss is a natural part of air circulation. However, as our insulated roller shutters aim to minimise heat loss which is why they are high speed too. By opening and closing rapidly, the air moving through the doorway is reduced, therefore minimising heat loss and helping to keep a constant temperature.


Extra Security

Any door is required to add an extra layer of security to a business, being robust and strong against the possible threat of a break-in and our insulated roller shutters in Cheshire can do exactly that.  Featuring twin interlocking cold rolled steel lath which helps to increase the depth of the door by about 20mm, compared to 1mm of standard lath, this created a tougher surface to cut through or force our of its guides making forced entry more difficult.