For those in charge of a premises with on-site car parking, security is likely to be high on your importance list. Whether you are providing parking for employees, clients or guests, a protected area for vehicles will create a secure and safe environment, as well as effective protection against fire. Here at IDE, we provide a wide range of rapid operating car park roller shutters for street level and underground car parks, including Chain Driven roller shutters, Direct Drive roller shutters, and Tube Motor roller shutters.

Indoor & Outdoor Car Park Security

If a car park is located within your premises, its security should be just good as the security on your front doors or gates. As cars, vans and other vehicles have a high value and desirability factor for potential thieves, it is vital to create a secure environment where people are happy to park. Keep your premises fully secured with high-quality steel and aluminium industrial car park roller doors, to provide car park users with peace of mind that their vehicles are protected against potential vandalism and theft.

Protection Against Fire

In the case of underground or indoor car parks, fire safety and prevention should be taken extremely seriously. With the high risk of fire from vehicle faults, it is important that any potential fires are well contained within a single area, and do not spread further. Our team of engineers at IDE are experienced and ready to install fire rated roller shutters for car parks, which can provide your premises with up to 4 hours of protection in case of fire.

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