One of the most overlooked aspects of looking for the right industrial or commercial door for your building is industrial door maintenance. Ultimately, a door is constantly in-use during daily operations, with everyone from employees to visitors needing to use the entrance/exit solution repeatedly. If you have a specific industrial door fitted to compliment your operations, the intensive use is compounded by the mechanisms working to provide you with the specifications you have chosen.


Maintenance is a Professional Job

We live in a technologically advanced age where we have the luxury of having doors that work for us: the premium fire rated roller shutters that stop the spread of fire for up to 4 hours and the high speed door that offers climate control, to name but a few advantages. However, industrial door servicing should still be a priority because longevity is still not indefinite without the proper industrial door maintenance in place. Rather than making an educated guess that your doors are working optimally and having to call for a repair service soon afterwards, you should utilise the expertise of our team at least every 12 months (or 6 if the door is in frequent use) as part of our industrial door maintenance service. Not only will our team thoroughly check each door in accordance with performance expectations, an inspection of the door’s components and more, but they can make recommendations to prevent any accidents or malfunctions.


Certified & Experienced

Ultimately, you do not want to rely on the option of having a 24/7 emergency repair service at your disposal when you could call in our highly qualified team. We have servicing contracts for local councils and depots across England & Wales and the full list of the accredited associations we have been awarded membership to can be found online to prove our committed to a quality Industrial door service.


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