We’ve manufactured roller shutter doors for Stoke based shops, offices, kitchens, industrial buildings, and more. At Industrial Door Engineering we’ve been manufacturing, installing, and repairing doors for over 40 years and travel around the country to do so. However, we’ve supplied many different types of doors in and around Stoke. For example:

Commercial Roller Shutter Doors Stoke

Stoke high street and its shopping centres play host to hundreds of commercial businesses that have varying requirements depending on building regulations, current laws, and the individual guidelines of each company.

An increasingly common requirement for commercial businesses is a higher level of fire safety but the location of these premises don’t always allow for heavy duty fire doors. This is part of the reason we introduced our Single Phase fire roller shutter doors, amongst our other models, that can run from a standard UK plug socket.

We also provide lightweight aluminium roller shutter doors, that don’t make any sacrifices on safety and security, as well as a range of beautiful finishes.

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors Stoke

Industrial buildings can range from barns to factories and the regulations and requirements for these doors can be very specific, which is why we offer entirely bespoke manufacturing for both industrial and commercial clients.

In factories and warehouses, our bespoke fire roller shutter doors remain popular, as they come in various fire ratings up to 4 hours and are externally certified. Additionally, insulated roller shutter doors can even temperatures throughout a building or reduce noise and rapid roll doors are ideal for those who want to keep foreign particles outside.

At Industrial Door Engineering, we supply a huge range of options for your very own bespoke roller shutter door in Stoke. To find out more about what we do, check out our website or contact us through our contact form.