Manual roller shutters may seem old fashioned compared to electrically enabled alternatives, but these industrial doors still serve a very important purpose to a number of businesses and for some, can actually be a more straightforward option for their needs. Ideal for farm budlings or private storage facilities manual roller shutters are great for places where usage is low or where electricity isn’t yet present.

Hand Chain Operation

IDE supply two types of manual roller shutter the first of which is hand chain operated doors which is the more popular model. Operated on a steel chain pulley system at a high level, users of the door simply pull down on the chain to start the door moving upwards and lower it using the reverse motion. Built with a safety brake that stops the door from dropping once the pulley is let go, these doors are manufactured with additional security and safety measures, including a class 5 wind loading rating.

Manual Push Up

The second type of manual roller shutter door we supply is manually push up operated and is assisted with a spring in the barrel, which the door curtain rolls around. The tension in the spring can be adjusted to accommodate different heights and weights of doors and helps make the opening and closing of a heavy metal door easier. In order to open, users will need to lift the door from the bottom and push it up into the barrel, pulling down on the bottom of the curtain to close again. As with the hand chain operated manual roller shutters, these installations also have a class 5 wind loading and have a high level locking mechanism to prevent the door from dropping and injuring someone beneath.

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