Roller shutter industrial doors are fantastic installations that help keep people, deliveries and goods flowing into and out of a business. Whether you’ve got a high-speed installation that minimises heat loss or a fire-rated door that protects the premises, sometimes the needs of a business change and an upgrade of current systems is needed to keep up. How do you know when it’s time to invest in a new roller shutter industrial door?

Check the Temperature

Temperature changes can mean a roller shutter industrial door is failing, particularly if you can feel a draft from the inside of it or if the temperature beside the door is noticeably different from the rest of the room. This can be more than just an inconvenience though and makes the climate more uncomfortable and increases heat loss, which could mean that energy and heating become more costly over time. Additionally, if critical temperatures need to be maintained in environments such as food production or storage, the temperature changes could result in spoiled stock. In this instance, if a repair can’t fix the problem and a new door may be necessary.

Slowing Down

Motorised mechanisms that operate roller shutter industrial doors, can overtime slow down or malfunction resulting in reduced opening and closing speeds and posing a risk. Malfunctioning shutters can be extremely dangerous as if they were to fail completely, they could jam and leave the premises vulnerable to intruders, or worse, they could fall and seriously hurt someone. Thankfully, all our doors are fitted with a mechanism that prevents this from happening, but if your current door doesn’t, then upgrading is in the company’s best interest.

Wear and Tear

All doors gather wear and tear over time but small concerns like dents, chips in the paintwork and rust can lead to larger technical problems later down the line. If your door is beginning to look unprofessional, sounds clunky or squeaky, or is interfering with the operation of the business, upgrading can boost your business and reduce these annoyances.

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