insulated roller shutters

Insulated Roller Shutters and Agriculture

Industrial Door Engineering spent the short but sweet April heatwave fitting 2no brand new insulated roller shutters.

insulated roller shutters

insulated roller shutters

insulated roller shutters









The requirement was a lightweight door that would be used on a daily basis with scratch resistant material. IDE currently supply insulated roller shutters to a variety of farms.

Our insulated roller shutters are designed specifically for industrial use. However, the light 11.3kg per sq. metre makes this door perfect for local farmers in the Northwest. We think the cattle will also appreciate the thermally tested curtain to 3.3 W/m²K.

Our growth in the Agricultural market has grown substantially with this new insulated roller shutter design.

Every aspect of this product has been carefully designed from the choice of material to the unique shape of the profile. Below are some of the advantages of choosing this product.


  • The PVC laminate coated steel ensures a longer lifespan as well as superior scratch resistance.


  • The design of the lath ensures that the profile rolls into a much smaller roll than other two-piece laths, which is good news for applications where space is limited.


  • A unique extruded aluminium profile for attaching the top lath to the barrel is of great benefit. It allows a bolt to be welded to tube and the extruded profile conceals the head of the bolt to avoid damaging the laths when rolling around the tube.


The laminated coating provides superior anti scratch resistance compared to painted surfaces. It is fully tested to category 5 wind loading and thermally tested assembled curtain to 3.3 W/m²K.

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