Efficiency and cost savings are of high importance to businesses. One smart investment that can significantly impact your bottom line is the installation of insulated roller shutter doors. These doors offer a range of benefits that go beyond just security, making them an essential addition to your premises. In this blog we’ll explore further some of the benefits of investing in insulated roller shutters with us at IDE.

As the winter months draw in and constant rises in heating costs, it’s essential to find ways to cut down on your energy expenditure. Insulated roller shutter doors are designed to help you achieve precisely that. They have unique U-values that meet building regulations, independently tested. By preventing heat loss from your premises these doors effectively reduce the amount of energy required to keep the area warm.

Security is a top concern for any business, and insulated roller shutter doors offer an exceptional level of protection. They feature twin interlocking cold-rolled steel laths, providing a curtain that is about 20mm thicker than standard. This added depth makes it much more challenging to cut through or force the door out of its guides, enhancing the security of your premises.

For your convenience and ease of use, these doors are available with various electric motor options, including 415-volt 3-phase motors. These motors are designed to cater to different needs and are easily controlled with a user-friendly push-button station.

The insulated curtain of our insulated roller shutters include a premium PVC laminate finish with anti-scratch properties on both sides, available in a selection of standard colours. Galvanised or powder-coated guides, angles, and endplates offer durability and visual appeal. You can enhance your system further with optional coil casings, facias, and motor covers, while double-glazed Perspex windows can be added for functionality and charm.

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