Industrial Doors for Hospitals & Surgeries

With any medical setting, safety and security is a top priority in order to protect members of the public who may be sick, elderly, or infirm. Hospital doors are an essential part of maintaining a safe healthcare environment, as well as providing ease of access to patients, staff and visitors. Each door has a key function to play in every hospital, doctor’s surgery, pharmacy, and other medical settings. Here at IDE, we offer our range of roller shutters and high speed doors for the health care industry, manufactured and installed to meet the requirements of your premises.

Roller Shutters for Medical Settings

Ideal for medical settings with a shared premises, our manual & electric roller shutter doors can be used to effectively partition a pharmacy or any other facility from a doctor’s surgery. These roller shutter doors provide extremely secure protection, in order to prevent unauthorised access to areas containing items such as confidential records or medicines.

In addition to security, our medical roller shutter doors are designed to delay the advance of potential fire, as well as slowing down the spread of fumes and smoke. Choose between our externally certified fire rated roller shutters with 1-, 2- or 4-hour protection, to keep patients and staff safe. All of our roller shutters for medical settings can be coated with our anti-microbial powder coating, to protect against bacteria and disease.

High Speed Doors for Hospitals

In the case of hospitals and other urgent medical centres, efficient transit operations are vital – particularly for areas such as A&E departments, which require ambulance access at all times. To ensure a safe & secure loading environment, we provide quality high speed doors for hospitals and other medical settings.

These high-quality doors are designed to offer a hygienic solution to clean room environments, and provide a rapid open and closing system that helps to keep loading operations safe, and indoor temperatures at a controlled level.

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