Industrial Doors for Education

If you require especially manufactured steel hinged doors to compliment the daily activities of the education sector, browse our range of bespoke door designs. From personnel doors that enable you to separate areas to allow for free or closed movement to fire doors that protect you from the spread of fire according to its door rating, the education sector can meet its safeguarding and business requirements with our expertly designed doors.

Our team of highly qualified engineers have been providing bespoke entrance/exit solutions to the education sector for over 40 years. Industrial Door Engineering provide a high-quality design, manufacturing and installation service so your workplace will look more professional and function optimally according to your specific sector’s requirements. The door CAD design service we offer utilises the latest CAD software to visualise the finished product in both soft and hard copy before the manufacturing process is complete for greater accuracy.

Maintenance is an integral part of ensuring your door installations function as they were designed to, so we offer longstanding contracts alongside recommending your doors are serviced at least once a year or even every 6 months. This prevents any unforeseen damages from causing you to call upon our 24/7 repair service and enables you to better safeguard the students, teachers and other personnel in your education environment.

The emergency door repair service we provide is carried out by our expert engineers who will ensure the safety of the environment around the door and carry out any repairs as promptly as possible using the high-quality parts we source. Don’t learn the hard way – arrange for scheduled door maintenance visits once your door is installed.

Industrial Door Engineering

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