We have been involved in the business of industrial doors since 1979, starting with just one man and a van but we now have bases and employees across the country. It’s no surprise that companies both big and small rely on us at Industrial Door Engineering, as an industrial door supplier that produces impeccably functional doors and maintains them to the highest standard.

Industrial Door Manufacturer

Our industrial door manufacturing takes many forms, including everything from fire rated to high speed doors. Every door we manufacture is bespoke to fit your requirements and can be made from materials like aluminium and steel, with various finishes like plastisol and powder coating. But, most importantly, as an industrial door supplier it’s essential that we provide a bespoke solution that works perfectly for your business.

Industrial Door Servicing

We recommend that you consider industrial door servicing at least once a year. While servicing an industrial door we ensure both that the door is fit for operation and that we can prolong its working life. Some doors will function fine without a service for many years but then small, easily repaired errors or breaks can turn into big ones over time, and result in a door beyond feasible repair. We currently supply industrial door servicing contracts to numerous businesses, public authorities, and more across the UK.

Industrial Door Repair & Emergency Repair

If your door does break due to lack of servicing or incidents such as accidents or break-ins, our industrial door repair service is on hand to help. In some cases, it is a matter of urgency to get your door up and running again as quickly as possible. In those cases our Emergency Door Repair Service has engineers located around the country that can fix, or at the very least secure, your industrial door.

If you’re interested in Industrial Door Engineering and our services across the UK, visit our website or contact us on 0808 238 9800 or via sales@industrial-door-eng.co.uk.