The phrase ‘when one door closes, another one opens’ is often used to lend compassion to someone who has been denied access to an opportunity they had their heart set on. Hidden within the phrase is the implication that a person’s perception of what is behind the door can and will change with external factors such as time and experience coming into play. Essentially, the phrase implies that not all doors are equal. In the literal world, this is certainly true. UK industrial doors are designed to provide a wide range of functions and thanks to the advancement of modern technology, they can be packaged in an aesthetically pleasing finish too. The messages they deliver are not overt but rather head straight towards the subconscious mind, with personnel doors communicating exclusivity and manual roller shutters deterring people from theft without the use of any signs or direct gestures.

You’re in Control

Much like the metaphor mentioned above, an industrial door is controlled by you. If you need a high speed door for better climate control and the prevention of contamination, you can control how quickly each door closes and opens. A fire-rated roller shutter will allow you to stop the spread of fire for up to 4 hours so you don’t compromise other parts of your building. An insulated roller shutter lets you save on heating bills by controlling the temperature and containing noise.

As we have decades of experience at IDE, we give you comprehensive information about our UK industrial doors with detailed leaflets clearly available at the click of a button on our website. This further explains all the features and benefits of each type of door so you can make the most informed choice. No industrial or commercial company is complete without the right types of doors for compatible rooms, so make the best choice for you today.

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