Rising energy prices have impacted homes and businesses in Wrexham alongside the rest of the country. Here’s how an installation can help. Wrexham FC increased its relevance when Ryan Reynolds bought the football club alongside Rob Mcelhenney back in 2021. The town also has the largest retail sector in North Wales and a focus towards high tech manufacturing and biotechnology.

The insulated roller shutter doors in Wrexham our team can install offer noise reduction and climate control that proves invaluable for a number of sectors. These sectors include factories, farm buildings, industrial units, workshops and garages especially.

The U-values on our roller shutters have been independently tested so meet building regulations. The average life of a roller shutter is a long 10 years, so if you book our team to hire insulated roller shutters in Wrexham, you make a long-term investment.

One of the most pressing reasons to invest in insulated roller shutters in Wrexham (or anywhere else) is to reduce your heating costs. Not only is Wrexham firmly on the map, but unfortunately so is the cost of energy bills. Businesses have been hit just as hard as households by the energy price rises and therefore smart installations such as insulated roller shutters are a wise way to make savings.

If you need to make vast changes as soon as possible, our team can install a high-speed version that acts quickly by speeding up the opening and closing times of your roller shutter. Naturally, this helps to keep the internal temperature more stable so requires less interference that could cost you on your energy bill.

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