Over recent years, there has been a move towards a ‘zero waste’ economy within the UK. Because of this, there has been increased pressure on the waste management sector to provide improved storage of hazardous waste, as well as the emergence of waste-to-energy projects. At IDE, we are here to assist the operations of waste control companies, with our range of specially manufactured industrial doors for waste and recycling.

Odour, Noise & Hygiene Control

Door systems play a vital role in helping waste management operators to deal with waste in an effective manner. From odour and noise control, to bi-product containment and hygiene management, there are a number of criteria that industrial doors must fulfil for the waste management sector. Our team at Industrial Door Engineering work hard to ensure the quality design, manufacture, and installation of all of our door systems for waste and recycling treatment facilities – which includes personnel, and high speed doors, roller shutter doors,

Servicing Contracts

With the frequent use of industrial doors and high speed doors within waste management settings, regular maintenance is essential. We offer industrial door servicing contracts for our waste and recycling centre clients, where a member of our team will be able to identify any potential or existing faults with your systems, before providing maintenance. In the event that your waste management doors require immediate repair, we offer our 24/7 emergency repair service to ensure that your premises experiences little downtime.

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