All mechanical items require regular servicing in order to stay in top condition and remain functional and the same is true of industrial doors. Whether a business has roller shutters, personnel doors or docking and logistics doors, all require industrial door servicing regularly by a professional and certified professional like IDE. When carrying out industrial door servicing, our engineers follow a set procedure that helps them to identify faults, assess the condition of the door and make recommendations, which we’ve detailed below.

Fixing Assessment

The last thing that a business needs is their roller door falling down, which could happen if the fixings aren’t in order or have suffered wear and tear. The first port of call during industrial door servicing is to assess them and make a note of any that may need replacing or repairing for smooth operation.

Clean and Straighten Guides

Roller shutter doors run on a set of guides that can accumulate dirt and become misshapen over time with continuous use. Our team of servicing professionals will carefully remove debris from the guides and re-align them if needs be.

Spring Tensioning

The spring that keeps the roller doors taught and correctly balanced and results in a roller door that opens safely and at the correct speed. When carrying out industrial door servicing, we reset the tension to the correct level and assess the condition of the spring, lubricating it to help improve its function and prolong its lifespan.

Motorised Installations

For industrial doors which rely on a motor to operate, this is assessed during a service. As a part with many moving parts, they often suffer breakdowns and malfunctions more often than their manual counterparts. We will reset the motor sensitivity and check and adjust the motor limits of travel, so the door knows when to stop moving.

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