Personnel doors are an integral part of any commercial or industrial business, and if you are looking to fit your property with the best standard of doors available on the market then look no further than Industrial Door Engineering.

Internal Flush Steel Personnel Doors

These doors are mostly utilised in applications where timber is traditionally specified. With sizes spanning from 640 to 1340mm wide single doors to 1000 – 2600mm wide double doors, and heights from 1500mm to 2800mm, we are sure to have a door for you. Being steel, this personnel door will outlast timber in any area of high traffic, or where it is likely to be abused. This model is available in several finishes including powder coating.

External Steel Personnel Doors

Custom manufactured in the UK, these are an entry level external security door. Each door comes with a protection astragal that is flush formed as part of the outside face of the door leaf. The frame has a step in its edge to ensure that the astragal is able to sit flush making it more difficult to attack.

Fully Louvred Steel Personnel Doors

These personnel doors are used to ventilate plant areas, but they also offer protection for machinery that otherwise may be open to potential vandalism. These doors are more secure than their aluminium counterparts.

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