Industrial Door Engineering was recently approached by the Cheshire Fire Service to manufacture some new door installations for a number of their stations throughout the county. One of the projects involved replacing 4 folding shutter doors that were heavy, old and outdated with brand new manually operated panoramic sectional overhead doors.

Our state-of-the-art overhead doors open vertically, rather than horizontally like the old installation, and curve under the ceiling, meaning they take up less ground space than before and most importantly, give a clearer exit for fire vehicles.

Tailored to the unique needs of the brigade, the sectional overhead doors we installed are coloured in the famous fire truck red and feature panoramic panelling with vision inserts, to create an aesthetically appealing look.

More on Our Sectional Doors

IDE are able to offer a range of sectional doors including solid overhead, partially glazed overhead, and fully glazed panels on various tracking systems. One of the key advantages of these doors is that they have the lowest U-value on the market and use highly insulated polyurethane foam sections with an average section height of 675mm and an average thickness of 44mm. By formulating doors with broken thermal bridges, we can ensure that the outside temperatures are not transported through the door leaf and into the building.

There is also a variety of options for where tracking systems can be placed with this sort of installation. Due to the unique overhead design, businesses can often choose the placement of the system from low headroom horizontal installations through to vertical lifting track systems.

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