Servicing is just part of the job for many businesses, with machines, vehicles and tools to keep in check to ensure the continuation of business. Industrial doors are no different and companies that have them should ensure they are regularly serviced both for the health and safety of operators and to keep costs down and productivity high. While a business owner may be too busy to inspect the installations regularly, there are a few tell tale signs that a service is due.

Slow Response Time

Observing the time it takes for an industrial door to respond to its set commands can help operators to determine whether or not a service may be necessary. As a general rule of thumb, the door should open and close within seconds after pressing the relevant button and should complete this task smoothly without any delay or hitching. If there is a slow response or there is some jaunting when the door moves, then this could be a sign that the industrial door needs servicing, so it is best to act now.

Sagging Sections

It is highly recommended to test the balance of industrial doors at least twice a year, which involves disconnecting the door and manual operation. When the door is brought to a midway point and left there, it shouldn’t continue to fall or rise and if it does it could indicate an issue with the tension spring, or other elements of the industrial door. If this is the case, make sure you book an industrial door service as soon as possible.

Door Is Off Track

Industrial doors must always be operated in the tracks which are placed either side of the door, however, there are periods where they may slip out of the tracks. In many cases, this happens when doors are in bad condition or damaged and so if it does slip out of the track a service at the very least may be required.