If you have a business in Halifax – or anywhere, you need the proper equipment in place to streamline workflow. Some choices are for commercial purposes while certain installations keep you within the law. Fire roller shutter doors in Halifax benefit from preventing the spread of fire for a specified period of time due to their clever design, so not only are you staying legally compliant, but you are also investing in your business at the same time.

Hours to Respond

It may seem unbelievable that in the event of an unforeseen fire occurring in your building, you can stop the spread for up to 4 whole hours, however with our designs, it is entirely possible. This gives you or the appropriate personnel more than enough time to respond to the fire by calling the fire brigade or using the fire extinguishers it is recommended you have in place. There are also designs of fire roller shutter doors in Halifax that stop the spread for 1 and 2 hours, which is likewise a long time if you have the proper procedures in place to tackle a fire.

Easily Arranged Installs

Since fires are preventable most of the time, some building managers might be tempted to ignore the need to put a durable fire shutter in place. But with an easy-to-arrange bespoke installation available, qualified mobile engineering teams on-hand to help and the law to stay within, this could prove disastrous.

Different Types

It’s far better to have a chat with an informed professional, discover whether a Tube Motor 1, 2 and 4hr (Single Phase) Fire Roller Shutter or a Face Fixed 1, 2 and 4hr (Three Phase) Fire Roller Shutter would be right for you, and have fire roller shutter doors in Halifax manufactured to your specific building requirements.

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For Emergency Repair

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