High-speed doors are a door solution that provide several advantages all aimed at streamlining your operations, saving you money, and providing optimum security. When you order the installation of a robust industrial door, security is a prime benefit you receive as durability is delivered by the materials used and the configurations built-in as part of the bespoke design. A high-speed door is a secure door solution that is fast-acting and operates to filter out interference with your business.

Remember, when you order premium industrial doors from us, bespoke applications are offered as part of the process. To honour our commitment to following through on your precise vision, we have CAD visualisation processes that enable you to see the finished product before we complete the manufacturing process. We can produce drawings in both hard copy (.pdf) and electronic formats for the purpose of ensuring your standards are being met.

As an ISO14001 Certified company and members of the Door and Hardware Federation, British Safety Council, etc, our certifications speak for themselves in our ability to provide you with durable industrial door security.

Our high-speed doors provide you with a fast cycling opening and closing system that protects your business against high winds and erratic weather that threatens to interfere with your operations. Notably, the Stacking version of our high-speed doors have a Wind Class Rating that is one of the highest in the industry as it can withstand wind speeds of up to 150km/h.

High-speed doors are fast-acting and therefore naturally act as a prevention tool for unwelcome visitors into your building. For those with a clean room environment, the advantage of stopping foreign particles from entering your building is invaluable. When it comes to this industrial door, security comes in so many forms.

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