In this blog, we will be shining the spotlight on fire roller shutter doors. Cheshire-based Industrial Door Engineering (that’s us) has supplied premium industrial and commercial doors to businesses all over the UK for several years and therefore we are qualified to supply your business with fire protection.

Both the fitting and continued maintenance of fire roller shutter doors (Cheshire-based or elsewhere) should be left in the hands of qualified mobile engineering teams whose training equips them with robust knowledge and specialist skills. Our engineers are fully certified to install and maintain fire rated roller shutters after carrying out the free surveyor visit on your premises. All surveyor visits are no obligation, but we would like to stress the importance of fire roller shutters to your business as their installation can prove invaluable to stopping the spread of fire dramatically to give time for the fire brigade to arrive.

Nobody wants to imagine such a costly accident could take place on their premises, but preparation is necessary for enhanced protection of your workforce, equipment, goods, and building. Our fire roller shutter doors, Cheshire-based businesses and UK-wide businesses know, come in a 1, 2 and 4hr (60, 120 and 240) fire rating. Individually tailored services are our priority so personal preference is always respected in line with our expert advice during the surveyor visit.

We can fit doors to suit any building, from offices to kitchens, factories to warehouses and beyond, plus our team are adept at matching your colour scheme as we offer a range of powder coated finishes.

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Fired rated roller shutters are important. For more information or further enquiries, please contact the experts at Industrial Door Engineering today on 0808 238 9800.